Get A Grip On Your Soap
Short demonstration video below 


The Leafa bath sponge has a pocket that holds a regular size bar of soap or left over soap pieces (you can use liquid soap too).  Just put a bar of soap in Leafa's pocket and leave it there.  The soap stays in the sponge for awesome lather.  When you use Leafa nothing is wasted.  Leafa is long lasting, it gently scrubs, stays clean and bacteria free.  Say goodbye to left over soap pieces and never drop your soap again!  Click the "Buy Now" button to make a purchase today.  Only $3.99 each.  Free shipping when you buy 3 or more.

Bath sponge with a soap pocket  Lather from bath sponge with bar soap pocket

How To Use Leafa
Place hand through the center of Leafa or hold like a sponge.  Insert bar of soap or soap pieces in the pocket (you can also pour on liquid soap), wet, lather and wash.  Leave your bar soap in Leafa and you won't be left with little useless soap pieces.  After use rinse and hang.

Insert bar soap in to pocket. Insert hand in to bath sponge. Holds a bar of soap or soap pieces 

 What People Are Saying
"When you use the Leafa there's no more rubbing your hands together minute after minute for that bubbly lather.  You will almost instantly see bubbles when you use Leafa.  It's the lazy soaper's bath tool."

Cheryl B, - Arizona

"I had the hardest time holding onto soap in the shower and bath due to neuropathy in my hands.  I was always dropping the moist bar or finding the washcloth of liquid soap drifting through my fingers until I came upon Leafa.  What huge lather it creates and yet dries thoroughly after use.when hung by its little cord loop - unlike the slow death of soap in many dishes." 

Jim R. - Wisconsin